Friday, March 1, 2013

Two rivals...W.I.P.

Yeeeeees~~~it is the Evo X and Impreza STi GRB!
I do like these, even though I converted not many of these nice Japanese cars

I love to torture making varieties :|
As you can see, it is the Evo X MR version made from Matheus-340's GSR version
With small tip spoiler, MR badges,darken taillight trim and BBS rim.
可以清楚看到,這Evo X是由Matheus的GSR版本所弄的MR版本

Except varieties, LHD to RHD is also a kind of torturing...
This is originally a LHD version Impreza WRX STi GRB
I also converted it into RHD version...I must be crazed. :P
而我也將其搞成了右駕版本...我一定瘋了 :P

BTW, I also did RHD Evo X after I took these screenshots...
F**k me!
對了,拍了這幾張圖片後我又搞了右駕版本的Evo X了...

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