Saturday, August 31, 2013

Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VI - Tommi Makinen

原作(Original Author): Matheus-340
轉至VC(VC Conversion): Sean
Details are in the link below and readme
發表日期(Release Date): 2013/8/30


  1. Totally awesome mods!!!! great work!!!

  2. And I'm sorry for troubling you :(

    1. Thanks for support!
      And don't bother to say sorry.
      Since it is also my fault to be so rude.

  3. Hi Sean, Im new with this installing car mod for GTA VC. I tried installing the Ford F150 and replaced Bobcat, but the wheels are not appropriate for the size of the car. it is too small. Am I doing something wrong? Please email me i need help
    Bye the way, your car mods are awesome!!

    1. Why people always ask such rubbish questions...
      and always want other to solve it via emails...
      Wheel size is decided by deafult.ide
      if you didn't paste it, do it...

    2. Hi Sean, I am sorry to bother you mate. I checked the attached notepad file where the default.ide value is. I copied and pasted it in the GTA Mod Installer (one of the option) but im getting that the default.ide is incorrect and may not work. I also noticed that there are spaces within the default.ide value of a certain car for example the Ford F150. Thanks and sorry for the questions

    3. You should paste the value to default.ide manually.
      I don't have the whole default.ide line in the readme,
      but only last few digits.
      Install mods via GTA mod installer or other auto installer are not always that good

    4. Thanks for replying, Sean. I tried what you've said but it is not working for me. I am sorry I am new to this things. Can you please provide me an example of default.ide for a certain car. I want to replace the bobcat with the Ford F150. Thanks! I appreciate it!

    5. a normal default.ide line should looks like this:
      "152, bobcat, bobcat, car, BOBCAT, BOBCAT, null, worker, 10, 7, 0, 249, 0.943"
      In the readme files, I provide only last few digits:
      "10, 7, 0, 249, 0.943"
      All you have to do, is to replace these values only.
      And before that, make sure you have Dmagic wheel mod installed.

  4. Hotrina's collision file doesn't match with this car :( Any solutions?

    1. That's weird...I did 3 versions of this Evo VI
      Stock, Tommi Makinen rally version(this)
      and Tommi Makinen Edition (haven't release yet)
      I installed them on hotring/hotrina/hotrinb
      and all of them work fine for me...
      Since I don't know about making col files
      I made my mods fitting those original col files instead.